About Us

Japan International Sightseeing & Communication Tours Corporation (JIC) takes "connecting companies with the world" as its corporate philosophy.

Today, with the economical development of countries in Asia, the increase of foreign visitors to Japan, and the growing interest in Japanese Culture, business with overseas is an effective method for developing your business.

With the human network with overseas governments, companies and other organizations, JIC supports an overseas expansion of my customer’s business by means of our trading, tourism, and educational business.

In trading, we sell your products overseas, mainly to Asia, for you. Our online shop is also available for sales of products both to domestic and foreign consumers.

In Tourism, we plan and conduct inspection and sightseeing tours for foreign customers, mainly from China, to Japan, and domestic customers to China, Taiwan, and countries in Southeast Asia, in accordance with customer’s requests.

Translation services of several kinds of documents and educational business of us also support an overseas deployment of your company by means of foreign language. Our education focuses on acquiring practical language skills and understanding different cultures. We provide detailed private lessons for employees assigned overseas and their families, and hold visit lectures to companies.

We think that it is our mission to contribute to regional activation by connecting regional companies with the world , through promoting exporting of local products, providing chances of global communication, supporting doing business in foreign language by translation and educational services

Companies trying to inspect and make connections with overseas companies, sales staffs feeling uneasy about a business using foreign languages and giving attention to cultural differences, those who are doing businesses overseas and having problems foreign language, please contact us.

Company Profile

Company Name Japan International Sightseeing And Communication Tours Corporation
Representative CEO  Yoko Kikkawa
Head Office 1-9, Chikumachi, Iida-shi, Nagano 395-0045 Japan
Date of Establishment July 18, 2018
TEL +81-265-48-6929
FAX +81-265-48-6928
Home Page http://www.albiz.co.jp/