International Communication Tours

Japan International Communication Tours offers tours aiming for international communications. We plan and operate inbound/outbound inspection and sightseeing tours.

We arrange and conduct tours, including appointments of companies, governments and other organizations to visit. Our customers are foreign companies and governments inspecting companies and other organizations in Japan, schools holding international education program, and domestic companies or other organizations traveling abroad for inspecting, other business affairs, and sightseeing.
Our network of connections with domestic and overseas companies and other organizations enable us to plan inspection tours which fulfills needs of respective customers.

Chances of precious communications are provided to both visitors and accepting people or organizations. That is our main business.

Inbound Tours

1. Educational Tours

Japan International Sightseeing and Communication Tours frequently plan and accept school trips and educational tours from China to Japan.

Not only sightseeings in Japan, programs making use of rich nature and cultures in Nagano such as farm stays, nature activities, traditional culture experiences, cultural exchanges and taking a class in Japanese schools, are also provided.

2. Sightseeing and Cultural Exchange Tours

We also provide inbound sightseeing group tours to Japan.
In addition to domestic famous sightseeing cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, themed plans taking advantage of rich nature of Nagano such as camping, skiing and other nature activities are available.

Moreover, we also accept inbound tours for cultural exchanges. For example, we have accepted tours of foreign cultural associations for communicating with those in of Japan.

3. Inspection Tours

Our company also plan and operate inbound inspection tours by foreign companies, governments and commercial / industrial associations.

We provide opportunities of face-to-face communications with foreign organizations and people for organizations which come to learn Japanese ways of manufacturing or management. And also for domestic organizations which accepts them.

Foreign Travel from Japan

We plan and operate business and sightseeing tours abroad mainly for Japanese companies.

With our connection with overseas such as China, we meet customers' demands, and provide satisfiable and secure tours.