Trade Business

Trading overseas, mainly between countries in Asia, is our important business.

We deal not only products, technologies but also cultures and entertainments.

Online shop of our own is available, and we are under contract with several EC services in China which enable us sell products all over China. Moreover, There is an sales agency in Shengyang, China which sells products to retail shops in China. Japan International Communication Tours Corp. will develop overseas markets of your company instead of you.
Sales staffs feeling uneasy about a direct business using foreign languages and giving attention to cultural differences, please consult us.
Consignment sale is also available.

Moreover, the online shop "Ippin ya Nagano (一品屋長野)" by us sells masterpieces from various places in Japan, including local agricultural/livestock products of Nagano, both to people in Japan and those in foreign countries."
We sell elaborate products with promoting and introducing passions of producers to them, and help producers to link to consumers.